Bubbenhall Village

The Village Green and Spout

The Restoration Project was completed towards the end of 2009. It had taken three years and much endeavour. Our sincere thanks go to our supporters and funders (shown on the right), who made the transformation possible.

Working under the wing of the Parish Council, a volunteer group worked tirelessly to raise funding for this project. A scheme in three distinct phases created a restored Village Pond (or pit, as it is on Pit Hill), brought back spring water source by sinking a new 30m borehole and cleared and landscaped the whole area.

Additionally an iconic bus shelter in oak topped with 200 year old tiles from an old barn in the village was installed. With new matching village stonework around the 300+ years old Village oak and original Spout and oak benches, the area is now maturing into an idyllic and satisfying Village Green setting.

The original Village Spring or "Spout", as it became known, is an historic feature of the village. It used to be the main source of water for the majority of residents. Some houses in Bubbenhall still use a private spring water supply for their domestic needs.

People travelled distances to come and "take the water" as myth and legend and folk law deemed it the "elixir of life"!

In recent years, the flow of the Spout had diminished to a trickle and the water source became undrinkable. A project was begun to achieve its reinstatement and the restoration of a natural spring water source and outlet. At the same time, a project was drawn up to restore the whole of the Village Green area.

The Master Plan

A plan in three phases was agreed, which included the sinking of a borehole on the green to access the pure spring water focal point on the Village Green. In addition, a "lych gate" style bus shelter made from English oak, 200 year old reclaimed tiles from the village and local stone was created along with a restored Village Pit or Pond situated on the Pit Hill side of the green.

New Fountain

With everything now completed and in place Bubbenhall has a restored heart to its fabric as a village. Why not visit us and "take the water" yourselves.

A bond with Bundanoon, Australia

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