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Keith Hillyard who lives in Lower End enjoyed a magnificent surprise one Saturday morning recently. 

Keith who is in his eighties now suffers with Parkinsons Disease which makes him a little unsteady on his feet, but despite this he is a remarkable individual constantly working on his model making and in his garden. He is seen regularly out and about on his tricycle and he occasionally enjoys a quiet half with friends in the Malt Shovel. Unfortunately his illness recently caused him to fall resulting in nasty cuts and bruises and a day in hospital.

The cause was uneven paving slabs in the garden over which he tripped. This was made known by a neighbour to friends in the pub and so without further discussion they decided an Alan Titchmarsh style garden makeover was needed.

Accordingly arrangements were made, materials sourced and tools and equipment made ready.

Six friends then turned up at Keith's on the following Saturday morning lifted all the broken and uneven slabs levelled the ground applied a weed resistant membrane, a new level sand base, re-laid good pathway slabs, fitted hand rails around his flower beds and then supplied and installed a gravel pathway for a safe landing "just in case".

All at no cost to Keith other than copious cups of tea and by lunch time the team were done and the job finished.

To say the least Keith was delighted and as he says "it was the best example ever of Bubbenhall village spirit".

He wants to say a very big thank you to his neighbours: Big Steve, Craig, Jay, Cass, Ian and Tractor Tom.

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Last updated on 3rd of March 2021