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The Bubbenhall Newsletter is currently published three times a year. It is published by volunteers and supported by advertisers.

If you wish to submit an item or an advert for publication please click here to contact the newsletter team, or email: bubbenhallnewsletter@googlemail.com

Some previous issues:

November 2202.pdf (13Mb)March 2024.pdf (14Mb)
CHRISTMAS QUIZ 2023 ANSWERS.pdf (4Kb)November 2023.pdf (12Mb)
July 2023.pdf (15Mb)March 2023 wordsearch answers.pdf (301Kb)
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July 2021.pdf (15Mb)March 2021 British Landmarks Picture Quiz Answers.pdf (2Mb)
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Christmas Quiz answers 2021.pdf (82Kb)Christmas Quiz.pdf (527Kb)

Amongst other news, the Newsletter provides information about the activities of organisations in the village. To find out more go to the organisations page.

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