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There was worldwide publicity for the Village of Bundanoon, in New South Wales, Australia, for their decision to become the first community in the World to vote to go "bottled water free". They felt that their source of natural spring water should be protected and be freely available.

Water is a very precious commodity in the whole of Australia, so when a spring water company in Sydney applied for planning permission to build a spring water extraction plant in the village, there was unanimous objection from the inhabitants. They started an initiative called “Bundy on Tap” and began a project to fund raise and then install spring water fountains and dispensers across the village and to sell refillable bottles and ban all sales of bottled water.


With the similarity to our spring water project, we contacted their committee and on the 14 September 2009, Suzy Molyneux of the Bundy on Tap Committee and her husband, Tony visited us here in Bubbenhall. We met excitedly over tea and muffins, exchanged experiences and vowed to keep in touch over time. Suzy took a copy of the last Newsletter with her back to the Committee, plus a special bottle of Bubbenhall Spring water. So, we are now "bonded"!

Take a look at their inspiring story at www.bundanoon.com.au.

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