Bubbenhall Village

Top of Lower End

General views down Lower End with the Malt Shovel in the background.

Postcard circa 1908

Postcard from same period

Miss Twigger's Cottage

Miss Twigger's Cottage was known as "The Cottage". This cottage and Bill Elliot's were cottages belonging to Pisford's (Ford's) Charity in Coventry.

Miss Twigger died in 1970. She had been the village schoolmistress. Her father was a baker and kept the post office.

Miss Twigger's cottage, 1968.

Miss Twigger's cottage 1968. You can see her side door, which she used as the main entrance always. The lean-to at the back was originally the wash-house. Everyone had them tacked on to the backs of their cottages, but later most of them were demolished.

Miss Twigger's cottage, June 1970.

The Manor House

Among the main early village farms were Cross House (now known as the Manor House) in the middle of the village (opposite a small green, taken away about 1930). The Manor House was stripped down to its original timber framework in the autumn of 1966 by its new owner; the previous owner - Mr. Cowley - having died in Feb 1966. The whole framework was then blown down in a severe storm. It was rebuilt in its current form.

The Manor House October 1966

detail of gable end facing towards Stoneleigh Road October 1966

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