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Neighbourhood Plan

Baginton and Bubbenhall Parish Councils made a successful application to Warwick District Council to designate an area for the purposes of developing a neighbourhood plan.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a local initiative giving communities the power to prepare a planning document that includes a shared vision for their neighbourhood. These plans can set out policies on the development and use of land in Parish and have formal weight in determining planning applications.

What have we achieved?

The first step for both Baginton and Bubbenhall parish councils was to to submit their proposed neighbourhood area to Warwick District Council for designation. This was approved in Sept 2016.

The next step was to write a draft neighbourhood plan. This involved consulting with the community and then building of an evidence base. This process informed the development of a vision for the plan and the formulation of suitable policies. Community engagement and consultation was necessary at all stages of the plan-making process.

The proposed neighbourhood plan was then submitted to Warwick District Council, who checked that proper procedures have been followed in its preparation and that the required documents accompanied the plan.

Following a period of publicity and community consultation, Warwick District Council arranged for an independent examination of the draft plan. The examiner's recommended modifications have been made to the draft plan to ensure it meets legal requirements.


Warwick District Council will now arrange a public referendum in the two Parishes. It is necessary that more than 50% of those voting in the referendum vote "yes" in order to bring the plan into force.

The referendum will take place on : Thursday the 15th of March 2018

The following location will be used as a polling station : Bubbenhall Village Hall

Please see here for more information: WDC guide to neighbourhood plan referendums


Click here to read a copy of the draft Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to read a copy of the Examiners Report

Click here to read a copy of the Basic Conditions Statement

Click here to read a copy of the Consultation Statement

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