Bubbenhall Village

The Spout and the Oak on the Village Green

The Spout

Water, of course, is essential. Anyone who has used the water directly from the spring will appreciate the idea of starting a settlement here with a good source of water from a natural underground water supply.

People were still using "the Spout" in the 1950's for drinking water in the days before mains water - when the spring water was piped down to the middle of the village and to the Bottom End (a tap outside Miss Twigger's cottage, another outside Yew Tree Farm, and a third in the area of the Council houses), making life easier for those who had no wells at home.

According to old Mr. Abbey (viz. Abbey's House), the spring had never run dry in his lifetime or in the lifetime of his father, i.e. William Abbey, cordwainer, (1863-c. 1953) and his father, John, shoemaker, born in 1834.

Preparations for mains water in the village started in 1960 with pipe laying and the project was completed in 1965. Mains water and sewage was the precondition for the modern development of the village.

A picture of the Spout and the Oak from an old postcard (thought to be dated around the Great War).

The Oak

From 1717 onwards Bubbenhall came under the Bromley family (later Bromley-Davenport), initially Sir William Bromley (Speaker of the House of Commons), the Lord of the Manor for Baginton, and it's just possible that he celebrated his takeover of our village by planting an oak. Or maybe there had always been an oak standing over the Spout!

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