Bubbenhall Village

Bubbenhall Corn Mill

In 1629 there was both a fulling mill and a water mill for corn at Bubbenhall and by 1698 there were two rye mills and a wheat mill.

The mill belonged to the Lord of the Manor, the Bromley family of Baginton, from the early 18th century until the manorial estate was broken up and sold in 1918.

The mill house was an old half-timbered building with extensive outbuildings, mill dam and sluice, which lay on the other side of the field beyond the churchyard. It burnt down in the winter of 1965-6, after which, in 1966-67, a Coventry builder used the site to build a new house for himself. The site is now occupied by the development known as "Riverside", comprising eleven flats.

Bubbenhall Mill during the time of the last miller, George Moore.

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